Write For Us

Are You a Cricket Fan? Do You want to write about Cricket for a website without having an experience in this field? Do you want to earn by doing your passion for writing about cricket?

Clan For Gamers gives you the opportunity to publish your cricket articles (if the minimum requirements are fulfilled) and simultaneously earn as much as the quality of your article.

We Publish every type of Cricket Article from Players’ Careers to Series/Tournament Reviews, Cricket Analysis, Opinions, and Match Previews (for IPL and ICC Tournaments till now)

What Conditions do we require:

  1. Every Cricket Piece/Article should be as deeply explained as possible through words with the topic selected by the writer himself.
  2. On a general basis, we prioritise Evergreen content which can be relevant for a minimum of a month over an article which can be relevant for just some days (such as previews), and these types of articles should be at least 800 words.
  3. In Evergreen Articles, Introduction and Conclusion are Mandatory.
  4. You can also cover match previews (as we cover on our website) for the matches of a particular IPL/International team which will be assigned to you. At this moment we require some writers to cover matches of LSG, GT, DC or PBKS (1 team per writer)
  5. The Article should be Unique and not be copied from anywhere else, except quotes and numbers.
  6. Whether the article will be published as you shared (in absolute raw form), or with some editing is depend on us (In some cases, if the article is not up to the mark it will not get uploaded and those recommended changes will be shared with you.
  7. Unless the article remains in a complete flow and sticks to the same brief topic throughout the article (in which no subheading can be created), It should have clear subheadings or even minor headings (subheadings under subheadings) if possible, which can help to improve the readability.
  8. If the article is not completely description based and covers the statistical aspect of the game too, we prefer graphs/visuals over plain text in case of numbers whenever possible, so that you can share the data in your article, we will prepare the graph from that numbers on our own and then insert it into your article at the designated place your data in text form was written
  9. In the case to be hired as a writer, you have to come with a sample of an article either in document form or a link to your article which is already published on any other site.
  10. If you want to just upload a single article on our site, we can still welcome it even with no prior writing experience; just there will be no payment for your first article.
  11. Try to insert 1-2 Internal Links (Links from your articles to any other articles already published on our website (This will not be possible in the case of Match Previews)

Where to Sumbit Your Article

If you want to Write For Us and can satisfy the conditions mentioned above (depending on what type of article you are writing). Share Your Articles with Your Social Media Accounts (where you are active) and Search Description of that article (a short description of your article or what your article is all about in under 180 characters) on clanforgamers@gmail.com with the subject “Cricket Articles for Review

You can also contact us through any of our social media handles such as Telegram or Instagram (links given in the footer bar).