About Us

I am Rohit Chhabra, Founder/Owner of the Blog, Clan For Gamers and want to present you with the best content related to cricket.

Cricket was always my passion and along with some numbers, it would be a perfect combo for me, as data/numbers are my favourite topics since childhood.

About Clan For Gamers-

This blog was started in April 2020. Initially, I used to write articles on Mobile/PC games but later shifted to Cricket because I realised that I could express myself better in this particular niche.

What you would get on Clan For Gamers-

  • ‌Player bio(s) of legends of the game.
  • ‌An in-depth explanation of less known stats metrics.
  • ‌Deep stats-based articles.
  • ‌Long descriptive articles on different. topics(in multiple parts if needed).
  • ‌Match previews with fantasy picks.
  • ‌All time/selected period 11(s).
  • ‌Series reviews.

and many more

To ask/comment on anything related to us/website, refer to the CONTACT US section.